26 Photo Prompts to inspire you in May!

Happy Monday! May will be here in 2 days! Are you ready? How about your camera? If you said no to the 2nd one then I can help. I have launched my Free Resource Library and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s a vault from me to you that is going to be filled up with lots of goodies! Including monthly Photo Prompts. Currently only May is in there so be sure to join. It is a vault dedicated just to my tribe that will be password protected. But don’t worry in every email I send out… at the bottom there will be a link to it along with the password. You can also find it at the top of my blog! Now this vault will hold lots of other things so be sure that to check back often and keep an eye to make sure I don’t end up in your spam/junk folder! You wouldn’t want to miss a fun photo opportunity that is date sensitive. If you already receive emails from you then you have already received the link and password in your email! Now why Photo Prompts you ask? Have you ever been in a photo slump. Like you just didn’t know what to take a photo of next? What to share on the gram next? Feeling repetitive in what you share? Or feeling like you never grab fun photos of your littles? Then this was created for you. For every mom who needs a little inspiration to pick up her camera and Intentionally capture something fun! If you do any tag me and let know on the gram @mama_bear_wooten. I love photography and seeing how creative everyone gets. Have specific photo type Prompts you’d like me to touch base on? Then just comment below and tell me. I’m always up for a challenge! See you later babe! XO! ]]>