Confessions of a “Bad Mom”

Are you a “Bad Mom”?

I know I am… but I’m ok with that. At least until MOM Guilt kicks in. Seriously what’s up with that shit! I’m pretty sure every mom has it. But It’s almost pointless. I mean if you actually care enough to over think the things you do… then your probably a pretty awesome mom who loves her Little’s (“to Neverland and back”)! But mom guilt happens and it sucks when it does. I don’t think It ever really goes away either… it probably turns into “Grandma Guilt” or something. Which would explain the flooding of toys from grandparents. But Grandmas aren’t going to tell us moms that. Now because mom guilt sucks and bad moms rule I asked you ladies to confess your mom guilt to me! And you didn’t let me down! So much that I have decided to keep it a reoccurring thing. So keep on messaging me your mom guilt. And if you don’t see yours below. That’s ok it will in the future. So together let’s kick mom guilt to the curb and have a laugh over being human. “Mornings can be hard. Especially with 3 young children and having to get out of the house by a specific time. And my kids enjoy making mornings rough. At least that’s how it feels. They all take turns too probably so I won’t catch on to them. One of our rough areas is teeth brushing. Someone grabs someone else’s tooth brush, or I want to flip the timer, or I don’t like that toothpaste, or I wanted to put it on… and my favorite is when they refuse to open their mouth to actually brush their teeth. So some mornings I sneak in there and just brush mine and let them go all day with out doing theirs. And I have to sneak because if they catch me then they want to do theirs.” “I have 3 under 3 who love to nap at all different times EXCEPT during car rides, they all fall asleep. Ive become spoiled with naps since 2 of my younger daughters napped around the same time before the youngest came along. One afternoon I was pulling in at 1pm and my 7 year old got out of school at 3pm. I knew if I moved them I wouldn’t be able to take a nap. I parked my car in the drive way, turned the AC up, set an alarm on my phone and passed out in the car with the kids for 2 hours. BEST NAP EVER!” “Something small that I always think about…I always see on mom groups and pages about how it’s so hard to shower as a mom and whatnot…like “omg I haven’t showered in a few days, I’m just by myself and I can’t put baby down without her screaming”. I never have an issue with letting her cry the entire time I’m in the shower. I will pretty much always shower every day and I don’t feel bad about telling my oldest to leave me alone for 20 min or if I can hear my baby crying the whole time. I always wondered if I was weird because I always hear mom’s say the opposite.” “So like sometimes my kids go an entire week without a shower, and I go 4 days sometimes. It’s hard to get that done with 6 flipping people and a husband who hides in the bathroom, at least I hope he’s hiding cause if not he needs to see a gastrointestinal doctor because that shit ain’t healthy!” Want to be updated when my next Confessions of a “Bad Mom” goes live? Then just subscribe. I promise I’m not to sell your email or something… but if I do I’ll split the pay out with ya! Until next time XO! ]]>