DIY Distressed Jeans!

Distressed denim is all the fashion rage right now! And well because they are cute! Now you can toss out your old jeans or you can take them into DIY mode and make some custom + original jeans that are even better and distressed to what you really want! This isn’t like my last post that’s a a real quick distress for jeans or leggings. This one if more in depth! So put your littles down for a nap, put on your favorite next show + get distressing!Now for the fun part… the how too! Scroll down to learn how to distress your own jeans!Start with you Jeans you want to distress! Put them on! The best way to know where you want to distress them is by wearing them!Once you have them on! Take your chalk and draw some guidelines. Mix it up! Do some longer areas and some smaller areas. Do as much or as little as you want!Once you have marked your spots with chalk. Take them off and fold them seam line to seam line! Trying to line them up as best as possible. No cut your lines. I always cut my center area the farthest and then smaller as I read the end lines. I always cut about 1-2 inches apart so I can work in sections.Once cut spread your jeans and reach inside and grab that center cut. You will then take your tweezers and pull out all the denim strings. They are the jean colored ones. Not the white ones that are still start attached. They will be Running the length wise of your jeans.The beginning process of pulling out the threads. The first ones will be harder to get but the more you do the easier it will get to pull them out.Here I’ve pulled some out and am showing you that those white strands you keep in tact. Don’t worry about any fuzz. You will be washing that away. Work until you get all the cut pieces out. Once you finish a section you will do the next section!Tip! When cutting your lines. Be sure to stagger them to get smaller like the left side of this photo. If you cut them all the same length you will end up the look on the right. Unless that’s what you want. I personally prefer the random look and no so uniform.Once your finished with pulling all the threads out. You will have this! Toss them in the washer and the dryer and enjoy! Each wash will make them better!The final result! I did go back and tweak the left side of that top photo to stagger the distressing. Remember you can add as much or as little as you want to your jeans! Make them original!Have you made you own! Did this tutorial spark you to try? Comment below and tell me all about it! Until next time! XO!