DIY | Snowman Soup Holiday Gifts

This time of year is my favorite! I love anything DIY and what makes a better gift than one made by you! This is our 2nd year in the school zone and making snowman soup! It’s a hit with my son to make + gift! It’s the simplest and cutest thing ever! So if your in need of an idea to gift your child’s classmates then keep reading!


Styrofoam cups (decor purpose only) Clear treat bags Small candy canes Hot cocoa packets


Black + Orange Markers (to draw the snowman face) Scissors (to cut down treat bags) OPTIONAL: Tape (to conceal corners of treat bag) Cardstock (to create gift label) Hole punch (to create a hole in label so it can be attached)


1. Draw 2 big circles in black for eyes 2. Draw 5 small circles in black for mouth 3. Draw a side triangle in Orange for nose 4. Place packet of cocoa mix + 2 small candy canes inside 5. Stick inside clear treat bag and tie off with provided twisty tie 6. Tape the bottom corners of treat bag to the bag (optional… but helps show off the snowman face better) 7. Cut off excess treat bag at the top ( I like to leave about 2 inches) 8. Attach label using twisty tie (optional… use a hole punch to create a hole to attach through) Did you make this? Do you make class gifts? If so comment below and tell me all about it! Want to know when my next DIY goes live then don’t forget to subscribe!
Until next time XO! ]]>