Edible Egg Shaped Quesadilla Craft!

Happy Easter + all the things eggs and chick shaped! If your littles are anything like mine, then they love all the things holiday festive! So last year I came up with a fun painting lunch activity. That’s really easy to do and will entertain your littles beyond just normal lunch eating time!

Items Needed:

Taco sized flour tortillas Shredded cheese And proffered fillings Sour cream Food coloring New paint brushes (will be used on food) Paint dividers (new or washed very well) Kitchen scissors


1. Warms your skillet over medium heat. 2. Apply olive oil cooking spray (way healthier and better for your body than vegetable oil) 3. Place one single taco tortilla in the pan and layer with shredded cheese. Place another tortilla shell on top. 4. I like to flatten my tortilla and cheese together (makes it easier to flip and cut) with a spatula. It also helps the cheese to melt better. 5. Cook until cheese is completely melted. 6. Take out and set on a plate to cool. 7. Continue making as many as you need (1-2 per child) 8. While your quesadillas are cooling separate your sour cream into 3-6 small containers. Apply 1-3 drops of different colored food coloring to each container and mix. 9. Put a little of each color on to a paint sorter thing or even just a separate plate. 10. Cut your circle quesadillas into egg shapes… ovals are just fine. 11. Serve to your littles with their sour cream paint, paint brushes and let them go to town decorating them. You can even provide sprinkles or other little toppings to decorate with. 12. Snap some photos, share and tag me on Instagram @mama_bear_wooten so I can see them and enjoy your self a warm mid day coffee! Until next time Loves, XO! ]]>