Hello 32! It’s my Birthday!

It’s my birthday! Cheers to another year around the sun! Today I am officially 32 years young! That means half my life ago I was 16! That just sounds crazy… I remember being 16 like it was yesterday. The 16 year old me thought 32 was old! Psssh I’m still in my prime and somewhat cool! I do have to say my life has turned out really awesome and I’m forever grateful everyday for the this life and the ones I’m living it with! In honor of it being my 32nd birthday… here’s 32 random things about me! 1. I’m happily married to my best friend 2. We are highschool sweethearts 3. We actually started dating before we attended the same school! He was a homeschooled 10th grader and I was in 11th grade! 4. I’m a natural ginger 5. My hair is naturally curly 6. I got my first job when I was 15 as a waitress at a pizza joint 7. I didn’t get my license until I was 19 8. I’ve been to 3 countries outside the US 9. I’ve been on 2 cruise ships. 1st one my hubby proposed on. 2nd one was our honey moon 10. I’m a Florida native. I lived in Michigan for 2 weeks and Pennsylvania for 1 year. 11. My husband is also a Florida native 12. I’ve visited 13 states… my hubby has been to 48! 13. I was 18 and my hubby 16 when we got together 14. I have 7 tattoos and a list of a trillion more I want… maybe a sleeve one day. 15. I had my first child when I was 26 My childhood plan was 25… I was 25 when I got pregnant with him 16. I had my last child when I was 30… the aged my childhood self had planned for my last child. 17. My fav color is all shades of blue. My husbands is blue also…. so of course our wedding colors where blue! 18. My 2nd favorite colors is all shades of green 19. My 3rd is all shades of the pink/coral family. 20. I own more shoes than toes but always wear the same 2 pairs until they give up on me. Then I go by a exact replacement of them. 21. I’m NOT a morning person. Like any time before 10 am I’m a zombie! I’ve always been this way. As a child I’d try to sleep in my clothes for school so I could sleep later. 22. By the time I was 17 I had 19 piercings. 13 of them were done at home… teen life! 23. I love the beach but my fair skin doesn’t. I’ve actually had sun poisoning on my face! 24. I drink more coffee than the Gilmore girls! No lie! 25. DIY is my calling… and a calling I endure frequently! 26. I’m a sloppy DIYer… I always have a mess when I craft. 27. I got with my hubby on 11/12/04 we got engaged on 11/12/09 and married on 11/12/10 28. I can write backwards. Like actual letters backwards (not as good not but I was a pro and could do full sentences back in high school) 29. My birthday is National Coffee Day! If a coffee bean was a birthstone it would be mine. 30. I’m a Libra and extremely indecisive. 31. My younger brother is 1 year and 3 days younger than me… almost Irish twins 32. I married my younger brothers best friend. Not even going to lie… that was a hard list to make. I never sat down and actually tried to make a post like this over 10 random facts. Who knows this may have sparked me to think of more and make another in the future. Want to celebrate my birthday with me blog style? Scroll down and leaving me a random fact about you! Don’t forget to subscribe… that would be an awesome cyber gift!
Until next time XO! ]]>