HOMEMADE | White Chocolate Hot Cocoa

I don’t know about you… but I love me some white chocolate + some hot cocoa!Mix them together and I’m in heaven! I started making it for gifts for my family years ago and now it gets requested each year!My kids absolutely love it and we only use it! I mean occasionally we do the basic one but very rarely! So since it’s a favorite in our home and a highly requested gift this time of year I thought I’d share the recipe with you all! It’s so easy and definitely worth making a huge batch for you to gift + enjoy all year long!


Dry milk White chocolate chips White chocolate pudding mix


1 cup of dry milk 1 cup of white chocolate chips 1 package of white chocolate pudding mix


1. Blend up your white chocolate chips to make them powdery or tiny pieces 2. Mix all ingredients sticking to the ratio above


1. Warm up a cup of milk or water (we always use milk) 2. Add in 3-4 TBSP of mix and stir up


1. Freeze your white chocolate chips before blending up. This prevents them from melting and sticking together from the warmth of your blender. 2. Tip with whip cream or crushed peppermint for an extra treat.


1. Create the mix 2. Place in a mason jar of holiday clear gift treat bag 3. Attach instructions of how to enjoy. 4. Gift away! Every one I’ve ever gifted these have loved it and asked for the recipe! Including school teachers! Have you made this before? Do you have your own version? If so comment below and tell me how much you love it!
Until next time XO! . . . ]]>