Interview With a Boy Mom

If you had told me 10 years ago that I’d be a mother of 3 boys that I had in a 4 year span I would of laughed in your face! First of all 10 years ago I was 21… so I kinda knew everything there was to know about life. And well yes I would still have 3 kiddos. But spaced apart and all planned. No surprises! I also knew that I was going to have at least 1 boy and 1 girl… my 3rd was kinda a free for all to be the tie breaker. Well fast forward or rewind to April 2017 I popped out my surprise little who was my third boy! Curious about being a boy mom? Are you a boy mom? Are you on your pregnancy journey to becoming a boy mom? Then you should definitely go read the Guest Interview post I did with Elisabeth over at her “Bottomless MOMosa” Blog! She is such a blogger inspiration… I love reading all her posts!!! She’s also a new boy mom… so a fun + gross journey awaits her future! I’m a photog-MOM and below are some of my favorite trio photos of my boys! Christmas 2018 on our “famous” wall. Yes we have a specific wall we do our “sit here” so mommy can capture your cuteness spot! They know the routine when I start setting up.
Our traditional pumpkin picture. Fall of 2017! This was the last time we will do this as my oldest is to big now. But we got our first little boy in one. Then we got our first and second little in it together. So of course we had to do a grand finale photo with all our boys! FYI this is a photoshopped photo! The pumpkin on the right is the exact same pumpkin on the left. We had a hard time finding such a large pumpkin so I worked my editing skills to combine them into one photo!
The night of Halloween 2017 after we went trick-or-treating. And on our “famous” wall. I’m all about twinning my Little’s… so they were all skeletons!!! All of their outfits came from H&M! Their buckets that match their outfits I found at Wal-Mart! This is my favorite photo of my boys!!! My oldest asked to hold and do skin to skin with his littlest brother! So of course I said yes. Then our middle little wanted to crawl up there to bond with them. It melts my heart thinking back on this moment! The love they have for each other is absolutely breathtaking! Because I do family + child photography as a side gig I opted for doing our own newborn photos of my Little’s. My Aunt is an awesome photographer herself so she captures lots of our family photos for us! She did our family newborn photos the same day! This was the day we took our third little boy home from the hospital! I actually made their shirts myself and it’s so easy to do!!! I may even one day post a DIY to show you how to do your own! We live in Florida.. and well that means we have to buy our own trees that are precut! The 2nd Christmas after having our first little we discover a Christmas tree farm less than a hour from us. So each wear we go and cut down a Florida tree as our family tradition. It’s not as stable as your typical tree. Our ornaments droop fast and the tree looks sparse in branches by the time Christmas Day comes. But making memories and being out in nature is what makes our family hearts full! This was our in the Christmas Tree field the day we went and picked out our tree in 2017! Another with our “famous” wall. This was our Valentines picture of our three boys. All in their matching pants that we got for them from The Children’s Place. I love that they offer duplicates of clothing items for children, toddlers and babies! Plus they offer free shipping on every order with no minimal purchase! His was from one our Ice cream dates we did this summer! Did you know that Mc Donald’s has $1 ice cream cones and most have an inside playground! Perfect rainy day fun! And it stormed this day! Because my Little’s are still young I get their upside down in a cup. My older two get to spoon scoop it while my youngest gets to knaw on the cones lol. Mom of three life lol! Fourh of July 2018! We went on vacation during this time and a letter board was a staple for me… being a photog mom and a letter board lover! This one was small and dainty so it didn’t take up much room or weight for our bags. But we used it multiple times on our vacation!!! I also love to dress my Little’s up for the holiday. I call them my Red, White & Blue! So I dressed them to fit that! Their bottoms are from H&M and Amy Coe. Their tops are from Wal-Mart + The children’s Place! I love solids! Want to know more about the life of a boy mom? Scroll down to subscribe to know when my next mom life post goes live! Are you a boy mom? Comment below or better yet… head over to Bottomless MOMosa Blog and leave a comment about your boy mom life there!
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