Learning to Love My Smile With at Home Teeth Whitening

Self love! It’s one of the most important things you can do as an individual yet so many of us lack it, myself included. We can talk about it all day long… but until your willing to change inside it will never happen.

In early 2018 I came to the realization that my oldest child would soon be starting Kindergarten in a few short months. This meant he was going to be joining a world outside our home. A world where his confidence and own little self love would be tested stronger than any preschool class or play date.

I was scared! Actually I was more along the lines of terrified! Our children learn from us, by watching us. By observing how we love ourselves and then loving themselves the same way.

That’s when it really set it in! If my child was learning to love himself based off how I loved myself, then that means my 4 years was learning to hate his smile! This literally broke my heart. I never in my life want my child to ever feel the way I did about my smile. He deserved to love it, to embrace it and to share it with the world!

So did I!

On April 13th 2018 I posted my very first open mouth, fully visible laugh to my social media and vowed to never be ashamed of it. Or at least to begin my journey of learning to love my smile. For myself and my children.

Of the many things I disliked about my teeth, my top one was the shade of them. I’m a big time coffee drinker so you know what that means… my teeth had a deep yellow vibe going on. Definitely not the kind of color you’d like to use to describe your teeth. Not when white is what they are supposed to be.

So in my journey of self love I knew I had to brighten up my dingy smile so a teeth whitening system was definitely needed. I don’t know if you’ve ever looked into whitening your teeth but dang… there’s lots of options. Which I’m sure over 75% don’t actually work… so you have to be strategic in who you go with.


Reviews and word of mouth (literally) are everything. So I’m here to share with you the company I use and love! Smile Br!lliant! I’m talking results after your first at home session! I was completely amazed at 1. How yellow my teeth had actually gotten and 2. How awesome of a job just a couple whitening sessions had done for my smile.


I literally catch myself just checking out them bad boys in the mirror. I almost don’t recognize them! It’s been years and I mean years since my smile has ever shined the way it does now. Best part… its so easy to use! If I can do it… anyone can!


Smile Br!lliant has changed the way I smile, the way I self love and the especially the live by example I’m displaying to my children. I’ve become a better mother with just a few sessions of whitening my teeth.


With Smile Brilliant you actually receive a kit to make your own impressions I was a bit nervous about this part. I truly thought I was going to mess all the molds up. But to my surprise and I’m sure my husbands too… I didn’t! It was so easy to do! The instructions and tips make it almost impossible to mess up. If you follow the directions of course.


With Smile Br!lliant you whiten for a good 45mins to 3 hours. Which may sound like a long time but it really isn’t. I do all my whitening at night, because mom life and that’s what they recommend. After my kids are down for the night I begin my routine.

I put on whitening gel/molds, I turn on my current favorite show and just relax! Self care at its finest! My favorite shows are typically 45 mins so if I’m getting a late start I still get in the minimum time needed. And if I start early… bonus! More whitening and more relaxing, self care while I binge watch my shows.


This was probably the hardest part of my entire post… my close ups! Raw, unedited and just my teeth! Super scary to share, but comfort zones aren’t supposed to be easy. So here it is…. my before and afters.

Just look at that difference! I mean why wouldn’t I want to embrace and show off my refreshed and whiter smile.


Whether your just starting your self love journey or you’ve been going at it for years a bright white smile is well worth adding to your list of goals! And to help you get there I’ve teamed up with Smile Brilliant to gift one lucky self lover the gift of smile confidence.

For your chance to win a $149 value home whitening system of your very own! Trust me… you won’t regret it.

And because your still awesome and have a smile worth sharing you can use


For 15% off your order!

Good luck and happy self loving babes! XO!

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