LIFE + LITTLES “Where have all the cooties gone”

My home!!! That’s where they have gone!!! LIFE + LITTLES is a new “segment” of my blog. It’s where I’ll be just talking about everyday life and Little’s. Sorta like a journaling thing except I’m not going to share my dirty little secrets. I’ll probably curse, I’m most definitely going to ramble, I might even make sense sometimes but I will always keep it real and raw. So for my first post I figured I’d expose the horror in my home right now! These damn cooties! Like what the hell. They need to just go away. It’s been 2 weeks already. My 5 year old has missed 5 days of school, 2 weeks of Art Spark (his art class), Little D is on round 2 of being sick, we had to cancel our Disney trip for Little O’s first birthday and our home has fallen a part! It really breaks my heart that Little O had a stomach bug on his first birthday and wouldn’t even eat his cupcake! He sure made up for it at his party though. Which I am so thankful that the cooties let up just in time for everyone to feel better and enjoy his day. (I’ll be making a post about his birthday soon, might even include free printables!!). But seriously right after his party the sickness hit our home again. First with my oldest the day after, then my hubby and two year old on Tuesday. I’m just done! I want my healthy family back! I want my kids back to normal. Shit, we made it through the whole flu season without as much as a sniffle, which for a family of 5 that’s hard to do. I’m also over my house being a disaster area! Like every room! I couldn’t keep up after letting it go for a day or two to care for my Little’s. Then ending up sick my self while planning Little Os first birthday party. I don’t handle stress and being overwhelmed very well… stress literally stresses me out. And right now my house is a reflection of that. But I’m doing better at accepting I can’t do it all. My husband is super awesome and seriously keeps me motivated. He’s the positive I need when I hit a slump. He reminds me that sometimes I have to take my cape off to wash it. Most likely because someone threw up on it and now it’s lost in the massive amount of laundry piles all over my house. Seriously he’s the best!!! Real husband goals and I’m sure luck to have him. For real too on that laundry!!! I’m talking we went through almost all our bed linens and ALL the towels in our home! Little people can projectile vomit out of nowhere and they seem to cover everything in their path. So yeah I’ve been washing our laundry like a mad mom but not folding and putting it away… just over here piling it up! My goal for this week was to tackle the deep cleaning and start my spring cleaning but it’s kinda delayed due to more sick Little’s. I surface clean and Lysol like crazy but deep cleaning I’ll wait to catch up after the cooties. I don’t like to clean but I don’t like a mess either so when I clean I want to do it with purpose… which is party why we chose to go with a white kitchen. I’ll have a before and after remodel post (with children too) in the future… we just finished the last detail to it. So Friday! Friday I’ll begin my deep cleaning and spring cleaning… in our home and outside too. It’s pretty crazy outside in our yard. We were in the middle of redoing our landscape when Hurricane Irma hit and we went 10 days without power and a yard covered in branches and tree debris. Plus we are really good at procrastinating… no shame in our game! But yeah I’m also going to make a spring cleaning post with natural products that can be found at your local grocery store. I think I’ll do it like a challenge so if you want to join follow me on IG @mama_bear_wooten to participate. If you made it this far then thank you! Thank you for taking the time out of your day, and listening to my first LIFE + LITTLES ramblings! Can you relate… have any tips? Comment below I’d love to get to know you better. Want to know when my next LIFE + LITTLES post goes live? Scroll down and subscribe! Promise not to sell your email! Until next time XO! ]]>