Mom Friendly Cleaning Routine

Week two of back to school is officially over! Phew I survived! It was a big change to our entire life routine. My oldest started kindergarten! Really crazy! How did he grow so freaking fast!What’s even crazier though is that I practically took the whole summer off from any type of routine… especially cleaning! I mean I cleaned here and there but not like I used to. I was in summer vacay mode with 3 little boys!Well now that we are getting back to our normal I figured I should share with you how I keep up with our home and my stay at home mom job. I say job because cleaning isn’t something I consider a hobby or fun. Now I call my cleaning routine… a routine and not so much a schedule… because well it’s flexible and schedules aren’t really that flexible and I just routinely clean. Monday thru Saturday I focus on a specific area in our home + a specific laundry pile. This helps me keep up with our home without constantly cleaning the same space everyday. Sunday’s are family days and planning/prepping days… I rarely clean on a Sunday. By cleaning I mean… wiping down walls, baseboards, vacuuming, mopping etc. we tidy up as a family multiple times a day. This helps our home from looking like it was hit by a tornado. I have 3 boys five, three and one year old. So this can happen in a matter of minutes. Our home is lived in! So there will always be toys on the floor a cup on the table and a basket of laundry to be washed. This will be our home normal for the next ump-teen years… I’m ok with that because we are making memories and messes! I gear my laundry for that day around the room I’m cleaning! Out with the dirty and in with clean! So here is how I keep our home tidy, clean + in a live-able order with having 3 Little’s 5 and under with an overtime working hubby. Monday’s are my hardest… its our most busiest day with after school activities. So I need and easy clean up section. So I chose the fastest and easiest task. I have 4 boys in my home so after a weekend of fun and adventure… it gets pretty pee smelly in our bathroom! Espcially while potty training! Bathrooms Shower Counters/sink Toilet Mirrors Floors Trash Change hand towels LAUNDRY Towels By Tuesday I’m more alive! So I tackle one of biggest laundry days my mom life has to face! We all use duvet covers for the most part… so it’s time consuming to fill those covers and wash all our bedding.


Tidy up Change Bedding Dust Vacuum LAUNDRY Sheets + Bedding It’s the middle of week… so I tackle our most used area. I work Thursday nights so by cleaning the day before makes it easier for us to maintain it during mom working and dad working the day after. A clean kitchen makes for a happy meal!

Kitchen + Dining

Fridge Counters Appliances Cabinets Floors LAUNDRY Whites My busiest day with out being able to live in yoga pants until bedtime. I work Thursday nights so I have to dress up and get dolled up for work. So I tackle our main living area. It’s cleaned daily so to focus clean this area makes my routine smooth! It takes the less time to upkeep.

Living room

Dust Floor Shoe bin LAUNDRY Colors The last day of school for the week… mom doesn’t work… things piled up from Wednesday and Thursday. Time to get our home ready for the weekend! Laundry room + Basic Detail Floor Dust Trash Basic detail Mop House Wipe down walls LAUNDRY Darks I save the hardest area for last… our PLAYROOM! We tidy it up all week long but by the end of the week it needs something less TLC. My Little’s are responsible for keep it clean during the day. Which means not everything gets away correctly. I’m an organization freak so every toy has a place or bin. Yeah I know sounds crazy for kids… but that’s why I tackle it on the weekends.


Dust Vacuum Organize Tidy closet LAUNDRY Catch up Sundays I try my best to just relax with my family. It’s the only day everyone has nothing going on so we make memories. I still tidy up because I don’t like messes or stepping on random food on the floor. And for some reason something always gets spilled on the floor. But Sunday’s are where we try to plan for our week. Talk about the meals we want. The things that are going on that week. Anything we’d like to accomplish personally or together. Prep for the week Menu plan Write up grocery list Write up weekly todo LAUNDRY Prepare School clothes Catch up I get asked all the time how I keep my home clean with there being so much white and bright going on. This routine is how I intentionally clean only what’s needing it. What I spend my time doing is important… I have a hubby + 3 Little’s I’m busy making memories with. What about you! Do you have a cleaning routine or schedule? Comment below and share you tips and tricks with me!!
Until next time XO! ]]>