My top 6 struggles with breastfeeding

Breastfeeding isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s damn near impossible for lots of Mamas! But because it’s National Breastfeeding week I decided to make a blog post! With it being National Breastfeeding Week this means you are about to or already are seeing breastfeeding pics + posts all over the social media place. So cheers to those Mamas doing their thing and sharing their stories! They all inspire me to be more open and free with nursing. But I won’t lol. I’ll be over here discretely nursing my 15 month old. I am a nursing cover kinda mom… by preference and for the ease of my comfort levels. My Little’s were all easily distracted by the world around them and would definitely show some nipslip to any passing by person that caught their attention. So I choose to cover my for my own comfort level. Sometimes I wish I was more confident in that area… but I’m not and I’m ok with that.All the rage right now is normalizing and supporting breastfeeding… which I do 100%! The part of breastfeeding that you won’t see much of this week though is the hard part!So I plan to share with you the struggles of breastfeeding and what us nursing Mamas go through for the sake of feeding our Little’s with our bodies. Now I love all the extra health benefits my Little’s and I get from nursing… but I don’t personally ENJOY every aspect about breastfeeding. I’m grateful that I was able to and will always be thankful for being able to provide this for them. But! It’s hard and exhausting!So below I will share my experience with the hard parts of nursing. These are just my personal experiences and may not be the same for every nursing mama out there. But could be beneficial for the new or expecting to nurse mamas!My expertise on this comes from nursing 3 Little’s of my own! I nursed my first until he was 15 months old. I nursed my second little until he was 14 months old and I’m currently still nursing my third that’s now 15 months old. I chose to wean all of mine and I’m currently starting the process with my 3rd. It’s fucking hard to wean! I envy over you formula mamas who can switch out a bottle to a different taste. I’m sure it’s not easy… but from my perspective it looks easy.So here it goes… the real struggles of breastfeeding. P.S. All my nursing cover I own are from Fawn and Foster!!! They donate half their proceeds to foster children!!!

Those first two weeks are going to be hard + painful!

With my first I was told if it hurts I’m doing it wrong! Well of course I’m doing it wrong… I’ve never done this before in my life! And after having my second it hurt just the same! I knew what to do by now and I realized that no matter if it’s your first or 2nd… those first two weeks hurt! Your nipples are going to be sucked to death! They will crack, bleed and be extremely painful! TIP: Purchase and bring some nipple cream to the hospital with you. I personally used Lansinoh Nipple Cream with all three of mine. Click here for 3 mini tubes on Amazon. One for your bedside table, one for your diaper bag + one for the other area of your home you plan to nurse at or even your pocket!

These nursing babies have no idea what they are doing!

Yes sucking comes naturally but not nursing! They are going to have to learn to nurse! My first would tuck his bottom lip in as he nursed and I would have to latch him on in the beginning and then physically have to plop his bottom lip out. Otherwise I had pancake nipples! Pancake nipples are when your nipple is squished flat from nursing… a big sign that you are latched wrong and the biggest cause of cracked + bleeding nipples… in my experience. TIP: Check to make sure your Little’s lips are covering your areola (the dark area around your nipple) almost entirely… depending on your areola size. They need to have a good amount of it sucked in along with your nipple for a proper latch. And their lips should be fully exposed… no hidden lips!

Loose or stretchy shirts will be your life for your entire nursing cycle!

You may be a “bounce back” mama who can where her Pre-maternity jeans home from the hospital. But those Pre-maternity tops will have to wait. Whether your pulling from the top or the bottom of your shirt… your going to need some loose fitting shirts to easily do this! And your going to be doing it often… like every TWO hours in the beginning. If you decide to nurse longer than a couple of weeks… then go ahead and pack those maxi dresses… or any dress really into your post nursing stash. Your going to dressing around your boobs! Nursing bras + tanks are a life saver! If your a camisole girl… expect them to be stretched and worn out fast! Their little head will be growing rapidly and over stretch any form fitting garment you have! So just say good bye to almost any cute top your previously own for a while! TIP: Wait till after your milk comes in to invest in a nursing bra. Having a versatile nursing tank on hand will do wonders. But until your milk comes in your not going to have any clue what size nursing bra you need!

Breastfeeding babies take forever to sleep through the night!

I have yet to meet a nursing Mama who brags about her Little’s sleeping through the night any age before 9 months. Most mamas I know night nurse until their little is fully weaned. Night nursing is always the last to go. It becomes their routine to night nurse and they use that as their coping mechanism to fall back to sleep. TIP: Find a coffee or caffeine drink that you like… this will save your life during the day. Hopefully your little can handle the extra caffeine. My first couldn’t. So I tried my best to nap when he napped. I failed at this but I still tried.

Say goodbye to some of your favorite foods!

What you eat… your Baby eats! Not exactly but they get remnants. Those remnants can cause gas, gas, gas, throw up… on top of throw up! My first got really bad gas when I drink caffeine or even ate chocolate… at all! He also was sensitive to me drinking milk! He would constantly have “baby throw up” when I would drink milk. So I had to stop drinking caffeine, eating any type of chocolate or drinking milk until he was about 10 months old! I LOVE milk so this sucked tremendously! TIP: If your little seems to be very gassy or throw up a lot… a food journal will help you keep track of what type of foods your taking in around the times this happens.

Cosleeping will be your life, whether you planned on it or not!

Yah, yah, yah, yah, YAH! I know all about the horror stories of cosleeping or bedsharing. I’ve heard about it from every mother, pediatrician or grandma out there! But the reality is… nursing babies eat way more often than formula Little’s. So you will be waking up to feed that tiny human every two hours! Your lucky if you get 3 hours those first weeks. Breastfeeding babies digest milk and then poop like it’s going out of style! And trust me the only thing going out of style during this time is your pre-pregnancy tops! Now I don’t condone bed-sharing if your a heavy sleeper, a new mother in her first days, or overly sleep deprived from other life things. Babes safety is 100% top priority. But if your a light sleeper like me… like extremely light sleeper then you do you! And although I’m an extremely light sleeper…. ALL of my Little’s started out in a bassinet right next to my side of the bed. This was so I could hear them move and wake up to nurse. I’d then grab their cuteness… nurse them (and stay awake) then put them back into their bassinet. Once they hit the rolling over and holding up their head stage they joined our bed. Mostly because I found my Little’s half rolled over and stuck with their face smothered into the side of the bassinet in the middle of the night. That scared the shit out of me! So after that moment we bed shared. My hubby is a HEAVY sleeper! He could and has slept through a hurricane! I’m extremely jealous of his deep sleep! I feel like I haven’t slept through the night fully in 6 years! So our bed arrangement in the beginning was always my husband on one side… me in the middle… our newborn with half our king sized bed. I still kept the bassinet by my side and would prop pillows up against it so our newborn wouldn’t learn to crawl through the night and fall between the bed and bassinet cracks. Once they became mobile we moved them to the middle of us. TIP: Taking the side rail down off your crib and placing that bad boy next to your side of the bed will give you extra bed space to sleep, along with giving an about to crawl baby some bed rails in your bed! We still have our crib butted up to our bed 15 months later! And there you have it… my top 6 hardest parts of being a breastfeeding mama! Being a mama is all fun and games until you become their full time feeding source! A feeding source that can last months or ever years! Want to add your breastfeeding journey? Comment below and share away.. we all have different journeys and I’d love to hear yours! Want to stay up to date as I blog… scroll to the bottom and join my blog village!
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