PB+J Clovers | St. Patrick’s Day themed kids lunch

It’s about that time of the year for pinch me, kiss me + all the Irish festivities so I have another fun St Patrick’s Day themed meal you can make for your kiddos! It’s super easy and turns your basic PB+J into something fun every kid is sure to love!

What you will need:

Clover cookie cutters Bread Rolling pin


1. Take your bread out and using your rolling pin to flatten each slice (this makes it easier to use the cookie cutter on your sandwich) 2. To flatten more layer two flattened pieces on top of each other and roll again. 3. Apply your PB+ J toppings to bread (thinly, you don’t want it spill out of the bread as you cut it) 4. Use your cookie cutters and press firmly to cut through both layers of the bread. (You can wiggle the cookie cutter to help it go through) 5. Peel the bread away on the outside of the cookie cutter while still holding the cut piece firmly in place. (Be sure to not tear large pieces as you can cut smaller clovers from it) 6. Display + Enjoy! Have you made any holiday themed food items? If so comment below and tell me! Until next time XO! ]]>