Plane ride + Little’s

Toddler + little kid approved plane activities. Are you planning a trip with your littles soon? I bet over thinking it right about now. I know I was. YES, using tablets to entertain littles is all the rage… but its not my parenting vibe. So I put together travel bags and activities for my littles and they were big hit… even on our return flight. we are back home amd they are still having a ball with them!>

I used their backpacks to store all their activities.

On the plane each paid seat gets a free personal item and their backpacks were the perfect size. They get stored under the seat during take off and landing. Bonus to using their backpacks was that they can wear them during the duration of your airport adventure so less bags your personally carrying. They had no idea what was in their bags… just that it was lots of fun activities. They weren’t allowed to open them until we were on the flight and after take off. To keep the wow factor a surprise for them. I used pencil pouches to hold our smaller piece items and to keep the whole set together. These are the items we packed in their bags to keep our 5 year old and 2 year old entertained without a full tablet plane ride.

Lacing toys

These were wood lacing toys we already had on hand. I kept them put away a cou or months before our flight so they were exciting o them again. These are perfect to keep little hands busy and work on their fine motor skills.

Coloring pad + crayons

I found this little coloring paw patrol coloring pad at Targets dollar spot. My Little’s love to color so I knew they would enjoy this. It’s small and compact and all the coloring pages are connected so no loose pages that we had to worry about being lost.

Legos + building cards

I found these building cards on Pinterest and printed and laminated them. Click here for my diy lamination without a laminator tutorial. My 5 year old enjoyed the challenge while my 2 year old just loved building his own creations. I found these printable LEGO cards on Pinterest here.

Window clings

These were a big hit with both my Little’s. They stuck them on the plane window and their lap table. I found these at targets dollar spot. They were 4th of July themed which was perfect since we were celebrating this holiday on our vacation.

Build a Face sticker books

I was most excited for this. I found these books at aldi a for less than $4. I comes with multiple pages of blank faces… some people and some animals. It then had a crazy amount of different facial feature stickers. Some real features and some candy or flower themed.

Metal tin with magnets

Again I found these at the target dollar spot. It came with tic tac toes pieces and fun character pieces that were magnetic and stuck to the metal case.

Magnetic dinosaur play pad

Yes another target dollar spot find. I put this in just my 2 year olds bag. It came with magnetic dinosaurs and a small play scene pad. He also loved putting his dinosaurs on his metal tin that I mentioned above.

LEGO tape

My 5 year old was so excited for this! It’s a flexible LEGO tape that sticks to anything and you can build your LEGO creations on it. He ran it up the wall next to his seat and across his table.

Lap table

These I was hesitant about getting. I though they would be a waste but they came in handy. We got them at Aldis. They came with stickers, crayons + markers. On our first flight their tray extended out which made it easy for them to use but on our return flight the Tray was stationary which means it didn’t reach either on my Little’s for them to do any activities in reach. This lap table was perfect for keeping everything close at hand. It also has 2 side pockets to hold items for them. My 2 year old even enjoyed placing with window clings on it for fun.

Stick bots

These weren’t as big of a hit as I though they would be. My Little’s love them but in the plane ride they only entertained them for a small time.

Paper + crayola clip board

Both my Little’s and my niece that joined us on our vacation loved this. It gave them the freedom to create their own art with out a coloring book. The crayola clipboard holds their paper in place while giving them a hard surface to color on.


During the last 30 mins of both flights we let them get on our tablets to just wind down. This allowed us to pack away all the other activities and prepare for getting of the plane. Because the plane itself is noisy the headphone allowed them to just focus on their learning activity apps we installed for them.

Snacks + candy

We provided simple snacks for the ride in their backpacks so they were easily accessible. My 5 year old loves kinder eggs so he had a blast enjoying the snack and getting a toy. We gave him gum for his ears and gave our 2 year old lollipops to help with his ears. He doesn’t get the chewing gum with out swallowing it concept so this helped with his ears popping tremendously. Would I pack the same items again? Most definitely! This entertained them for the entire flight until we provided tablets at the end. All of the items were light weight and fit perfectly into their backpacks. Want to know when my post goes live! Scroll down and subscribe! Have you had success with plane ride activities that weren’t tablet based… comment below and share your go to items and reviews.
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