Potty Training Boys… WTF?

If you have kids, specifically boys and they aren’t potty trained yet… and your thinking about potty training them… then I’m sure you’ve read lots of how to potty train your toddler in 2 week! Psssh! That shit is to much work! Like how about let’s just wait till they are ready and go with the flow!That’s the shit that really works!This is coming from a mom of 3 boys with 2 potty trained. My boys are currently 6 years old, 3 years old and 1 year old! So trust me I got this pee shit somewhat figured out. We will see how figured out when we go in deep with our 1 year old on this “pee pee in the potty” gig.This isn’t a “tips” post. That will come later this week, month, year or whenever I get to it because mom life and planned posts are like planned toddler poops! It doesn’t happen! Like never happens! Them little suckers don’t have a planned poop schedule once it’s poop in the potty time. Or at least not in my house! Random shit literally all day over here!Unless it’s “let’s eat bananas day” then… I know 30 mins after a banana everyone of my littles are pooping the extra creamy shit! Gross I know! TMI I know! But you did just sign up to read a potty training post so what did you expect! Needless to say we don’t eat bananas everyday over here!Ok back to the potty training boys part! My intention here is to disclose the ugly, the smelly and the always missed toilet “accidents” and of course a trick I use for that clean up smell! ( which I’m going to save for the end… because no mom blogger shares her tips at the beginning of a post)So potty training boys…. the raw!1. It’s going to be messy! They got themselves a little water gun attached to them and well they don’t have any target in mind they are aiming for so it’s all fair game!2. Distractions are your worst enemy! Like no toys in the bathroom EVER! Unless it’s bath time! Otherwise they want to look and watch that toy. They pee where their eyes are looking! ( ok this might be a tip…. but not a typical potty training tip) so we leave toys out unless they got it down!3. Plan for it all to smell like piss! Them, you, the bathroom, the hallways, their bedroom, yours and even the damn kitchen! Once they are like ohh I got a personal water gun… they are like ohh let’s hit everything with it! “This is fun, mom will be proud!”4. Your toilet seat will be soiled in potty training pee! Yes your going to teach them to raise the seat… but “boys will be boys”! Yes I just used that quote! Shame me all you want but boys and girls in embryo are created to process some things differently. So boys will be boys! If you disagree… go you and we aren’t taking about that on this post! I’ll legit delete your unsolicited advice on it.5. Shits going to smell like pee! Didn’t I mention that already? If not then yes your entire home is going to smell like an Unflushed toilet! Boy mom life and boys will be boys!6. Eventually they figure it out! No matter if they are 1, 3 or 9. Eventually it all clicks! And honestly sometimes it doesn’t. Sorry if your married to a guy who it didn’t click with. Definitely invest in his and her bathrooms!So real and raw! My first was potty trained before he was 1! I seriously felt like a super mom with him… but really it was him and not me! My 2nd is 3 years and 6 months old and we can officially claim him as being potty trained. This was only take 2 with him and we are finally like yes… “pee pee in the potty”! He got an extra reward for that haha! And the point of this post was to just let you know… potty training boys stinks! Like literally stinks! So don’t get your nostrils to excited about potty training! Some catch on and some like to just Pee on the floor. I’ve currently raised both versions. I’ll def keep you updated if there is a third version to look forward to! Ohh yeah that pee smell tip! I almost forgot! Ok so if you have read this far for the tip that means you are potty training a boy, have potty trained boy, got a teenage boy or just a guy in the house who’s got bad aim. SHAVING CREAM! No lie thats my piss smell tip! Now go put it on your bathroom cleaning list! Get it from the cheap section because you aren’t shaving anything but smell with it. Clean pee smell with shaving cream 101! 1. Make sure no littles need to use the bathroom first. It can get messy if they do after you start. 2. Spray that shaving cream all in your toilet, the floor around your toilet and on anything they happen to hip when peeing 3. Let it sit! You got let that shaving cream marinate! But if your in a cleaning pinch it still helps with the smell for a quick clean up! 4. Wipe it up with toilet paper and then toss in the toilet! Don’t try to get fancy and use a reusable cloth! To much work! Of course after a wipe up or three flush! No ones an overflowing toilet! Not fun! 5. Once you clean up all the shaving cream… which might take a couple wipes ups. Clean as normal. 6. Tada! Pee smell be gone! Yes it will smell like someone just shaved their body… but not like someone just smothered your bathroom in a pee water gun! 7. You can thank me later or by sharing this post on your Pinterest board or tagging me on your social media! I answer to mama bear wooten always! Have you potty trained a boy? Are you still potty training a boy? Are you thinking about potty training a boy? Comment below and just share the shit! All is mamas need a good laugh! Want to read about my guest post as a boy mom… click here Want to see my cleaning schedule and what day I clean my bathroom… click here Until next time! XO! ]]>