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I’m so excited to finally launch my #JESSICAWOOTENPRESETS

WHAT IS A MOBILE PRESET?Mobile Presets allow you to edit your photos right from your phone, no matter where you are. No more uploading content to your computer, manually editing within the Lightroom mobile app or Lightroom desktop application and transferring to your phone before you can post. With mobile presets, you can edit with just one-click and be ready to share in seconds!To check out some before & afters click on the preset below.

Gives your photos the perfect warmth and film feel. It enhances the hues of reds and oranges while dulling down the greens and blue. It works beautiful outdoors in nature photos but also adds a pop of warmth and brightness to indoor photos.


Gives your photos a bright and high contrast look. If you want your photos to pop and your whites to be bright this is the perfect preset for you.This preset works great with photos that include lots of white. It tones out the yellow indoor photos tend to have.


Gives your photos the perfect bright and moody vibe. It brightens shadows while helping to eliminate the yellow cast caused from artificial lighting. It also helps to eliminate and blend in those harsh hot spots and over exposed areas caused from direct light It works beautiful outdoors in nature photos or with indoor photos.

1 Preset

2 PDF Photo Tutorials (1 for iPhone + 1 for Android)

2 Apply Preset Videos (1 for iPhone + 1 for Android)

JESSICA WOOTEN MOBILE PRESETS are truly 100% mobile! You don’t need a subscription to the desktop Lightroom application, only the free Lightroom CC mobile app is required! Download, install, and use our mobile presets right from your phone! You can download in the app store here.
Please use #JESSICAWOOTENPRESETS so I can see your beautiful photos and for a chance to be featured on my Instagram stories
This is a MOBILE preset
You must have the free app “Adobe Lightroom CC” installed on your phone to use JESSICA WOOTEN PRESETS.– Compatible with iPhone 6 & newer

– Compatible with Android 7 Nougat & newer

-Adobe Lightroom CC app must be installed and updated to the latest version available

Remember, while my presets are just one-click to apply, it is always recommended you tweak your exposure and white balance after applying the preset to achieve the perfect final image!

After payment, you’ll be redirected to a download page and also receive an email with a download link (LINK EXPIRES AFTER 24 HOURS) for your presets! I’ve created a PDF for purchased presets to walk you though the installation process along with a short video tutorial on using the preset.
Due to the digital nature of my products being digital and ready for instant download all sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be accepted. Please ensure prior to purchasing that you’ve met the system requirements listed above. One-click preset results vary based on each photo’s makeup as well as file type. JESSICA WOOTEN PRESETS are designed so that you can easily tweak your settings after applying the preset for optimal results.

Unauthorized distribution (sharing, selling, and more) of this product is prohibited and will be met with legal action.