Scholastic’s Book Fair Favorites

Do you have a kiddo in school?If you do then you you have experienced the book fair!For some it’s starts out in Preschool for others it starts out in kindergarten.For us it was both. Preschool had a much more limited selection but kindergarten it’s way better. I guess “real” school is where it’s at for buying books!Our in school book fair isn’t here yet but we did have online/pamphlet ordering already. And boy did we order some books! Raising book lovers is one of our parenting goals.. so going over board was so worth it! We got books for us to read them and books for our kindergarten to learn to read us. Below are the ones we got and I recommend them all! Books for our kindergarten to learn to read to us.. I especially wanted these. He wasn’t to find until he realized he was reading to us!! There’s no greater book reading moment then listening to your 5 year old read to you!! And really read… not just memorizing their favorite book and reading it by memory! Seeing their face after a real read boom is priceless! Moms pick at books My kindergarteners pick of books Have you gone book shopping yet? If so comment your faves below and share the book love! Until next time XO! ]]>