Thankful for Today!

Happy turkey day y’all!Today’s a day filled with family, full bellies + fun! I’m always in awe how fast this time of year comes and goes! Way to fast! I don’t do the cooking but I do bring my tribe of boys and they always bring lots of laughter! One of my favorite memories… I believe it was 2 years ago. We were waiting for my husband to arrive… he ran home to grab something I forgot to bring for Thanksgiving dinner… mom brain. While waiting for him to get back all the adults were just doing our thing and chatting up a storm. I turned around to find my 4 year old at the time just going to town making his own plate. It was the best and his first time making his own plate. Now it’s not like he couldn’t eat or anything. We just all wait for everyone to be there and say grace together. So for him to just start up and not say anything had us all cracking up. He’s still learning the traditions.

Because it’s Thanksgiving I wanted to share what I’m most thankful for today!

To be alive! Nothing else would be possible if I didn’t have today! My husband! He’s my entire world and I couldn’t imagine life without him! My boys! They bring me the greatest joy and craziest memories! I can just watch them be kids all day! My family! They might be crazy…. but they are my crazy family! My friends! Most I consider family and they make adulting fun! A roof over my head! Seriously… I like camping but an actual roof is our safe haven! Food in our fridge! Food! I love me some food! Our health! Having a healthy family is very important… we wouldn’t be able to make the memories we do with out it! What are you most thankful for today and every single day of your life? Comment below and tell me!
Until next time XO! ]]>