The Colorful Adventures of Dean and Kaleb

Are you coming over from my recent post? If yes!!!! How excited are you about your order! If you didn’t then check out my full post on our Hooray Heroes book here.If your coming from my last post and placed your order then I know how excited your going to be and how often your going to be checking your mailbox for your book so below is a freebie to keep you and your Little’s occupied while you wait. If you haven’t ordered then still check out the freebie to see what your in store for when you do order it!A customized + printable coloring book from Hooray Heroes! Now you won’t just have a customized book to read you will have a customized coloring book to enjoy also! You have the option of one child or siblings just like their books. We decided to print both. One to do together and one to do by themselves.

Individual coloring book

Click here to make your individual coloring book.

Siblings coloring book

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Until next time XO!