Top 10 Motherhood Must Haves!

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I’m Jessica the MOMster-mind behind this modern motherhood blog! Everyday of this journey is “one I never want to forget”. Whether it’s full of laughs or tantrums… I want to be present for it all. So if you can relate then join me and let’s tackle this “mama”, “mommy” and “mom” adventure together! Motherhood isn’t easy… and, well it’s not supposed to be or it would be called childhood. So to help me make the most of it I have compiled a list of my Top 10 Motherhood Must Haves! Now these are just mine and each mom will have a different list so if yours differs.. or if it’s the same, comment and let me know what gets you through the day! Your going to be spending a lot of time together so you might as well pick out cute cups to hold your coffee. I really encourage getting the ones that make you smile or laugh. Honestly who doesn’t like to smile (except my kids on family photo days). I personally prefer ones with cute quotes or Rae Dunn (the large font ones)! You might want to also grab a couple bottles of yummy creamer too. Treat yourself and don’t get powder. Because 2 words…. Monday morning or Tuesday morning or any morning really. But that powder creamer just takes to long to mix in and it’s not really that good once microwaved. Any kind works (wine, beer, cider or liquor) for when you’ve had to much coffee and you need to chill out. Sometimes your kids are being extra and you need it before it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. But preferably after your littles are in bed. The constant “get back in bed”, “one more drink”, “its too dark” can sometimes be a buzz kill. Not always because these are the moments us “Mamas” will one day miss. But after that 100th time your going to wish you waited to sit down and sip that glass of wine. And if you don’t drink then just splurge on some alcohol wipes. Your going to be cleaning up lots of gross things through out your journey. Your going to need mom friends! No ones going to understand your new awkward like another mom. Preferably with similar age kids. Your going to need advice at some point and it will be fresher in their heads about how they survived that particular scenario. And no Mama wants to do a play date and be stuck playing with the kids (pushing them on the swings is the only exception). I mean the whole point of a play date is so your kids go play with their kids while you and your mom friend talk about being moms. Sometimes having that online mom group or “village” is just what you need. Stay away from the over dramatic ones… they get really crazy in there. Like all out mom war zone and us moms aren’t really programmed to withstand any of that! Unity and peace is what you need! And there’s typically more than one for the year or even year and month your Little was born. These groups are good for those times when you need general advice from a bunch of moms or just need to do a major rant and just share the one sided story of what your going through. Sometimes they give good advice… sometimes they laugh with you, and sometimes it’s crickets out there. They are just as busy as you are and sometimes don’t respond for days (I’m really guilty of doing this) This is very handy but isn’t really that important until you have more than one little. It helps your Little’s get into a little bit of a synchronized routine. Now don’t get me wrong we aren’t always all following the same beat and our rhythms tend to clash… some days more than others. So on those days you just make it up and go with the flow. But having a “go to” routine takes some of the guess work out of your day. Plus apparently theirs some scientific study or something that says kids need structure. If you don’t cook now you’re about to learn. Especially once that little one turns into a garbage disposal Monday thru Thursday. And I say Monday thru Thursday because Friday through Sunday when you have the most energy to make a decent meal… they won’t be hungry. Like all weekend long they will be on some strange toddler diet. So expect to put on a couple pounds because “we don’t waste food”. This I think is one of the most flexible schedules your going to have but one you should start setting up right away. And be willing to accept you can’t do it all, nor will you want to. But having a “go to guide” of when and where you plan to get down and dirty (get your mind out of the gutter… unless your actually cleaning out the leaves in your gutters then keep on) really helps keep the mess on track! And include your kids. There’s age appropriate chores for every age! These are both sometimes hard to do but very important for you mom care health. Sometimes you have to neglect the menu planning and the cleaning schedule just to recharge. And this is perfectly normal, we all do it! The mess will always be there… trust me it’s not going anywhere. Not for your babes… for you! Your going to be doing a lot… like a lot of cleaning. And everything is easier to clean with a baby wipe. Especially the damn toilet. Just wipe and toss (in the trash, baby wipes will clog your toilet) I personally keep a pack in my car, my diaper bag and the bathroom. There’s no such thing as to many wipes. And you should probably pick up a cute planner too. It doesn’t have to be extravagant and it’s not necessary. But it’s really handy to have. Your going to be making regular appointments for that little person. And they have a lot in the beginning. You might think ohh I’ll remember this… but nope… not going to happen! Mom brain is a real thing and not in a cool mom way either. There you have it… my Top 10 Motherhood Must Haves to making the most out of your Mama journey (now say that 10 times…fast). I will be sharing more in depth posts on each of the above categories so don’t forget to subscribe and start building a village with me! I love connecting with other like minded Mamas! ]]>