We are adding a FOURTH leaf to our Clover!

Yup… you read that right! We are adding a fourth leaf to our clover. Those are the luckiest ones so we are about to hop on the magical train. Or crazy train… they are the same thing right? If not let’s just pretend for my sanity cause… shit just got real! So if your here your probably coming from one of my social media channels and probably like ohh shit! I don’t blame you. I’m pretty sure those are the first words to come out of my mouth. Right after the excitement of a new baby settled and the “this is your FOURTH little” kicked in. Your probably also here wondering how far along I am! Me too! Well I have an idea. And my Drs office also has an idea. And they don’t match. So later this week I will officially find out. I’m guessing I’m about 12 weeks and they are guessing about 6 weeks. Yeah big difference, I know! So for the most phrased thing I’m going to hear or be asked…. the obvious…. a girl! Do we wish for this tiny human to be a girl? Duh! I’m mean can you imagine the twinning that would go down if I had a girl? I’m day dreaming about it! But honestly healthy is all that matters. And well 10 toes and fingers preferably also. I do plan to keep updated posts these next 6-8 months. Depending on how far along I am. So if you’d like to tag along check back weekly to see what’s up. Any questions you’d like me to answer in the future? Comment below and I’ll add them to a future bump post. Until next time XO! ]]>