Why I Became A Photographer!

Before I go full blown into any blog posts on the photographer aspect, I figured I should at least explain some of the background about me and why I personally became a photographer and what I see in my photography future. Approximately 31 years ago… wait sorry wrong story! My bad total mom brain over here! Actually all my life I’ve been drawn to the lens. I started out with a basic film camera that was probably like $10 or something (20 years ago) something I asked for at either a birthday or holiday. I took pictures of everything. I zipped through rolls of film faster than I could get them developed. I was actually bad about the developing part. I still have the disposables from my wedding that we never turned in from 8 years ago. See I told you we are really good at procrastination. Well I hop through different types of cameras. Some film some digital some that printed out as stickers and in 2009 I actually fell in love with a DSLR. I just had to have it. I researched it for weeks before finally making the big purchase. And it seriously was worth it over any point and shoot camera I had ever owned. My options now became endless! While I had this camera I did all types of sessions for family and friends. All for fun and because I loved it. I loved that years from now I could provide memories for other people to look back and just reminisce over old times. I actually did this for years. I was always the one at family functions capturing all the moments. And I loved it. Then in November of 2012 it clicked! It all just clicked. It’s like I woke up from zombie photographer to intentional photographer. I now had meaning of what I wanted to capture. How precious time really is and how that single photo held nothing but emotions and memories. Why that month of that year you ask? That was when I became a mother. When time stood still but raced faster than I could blink. I knew right then that children and families was where I was meant to point my lens. It’s where my heart was drawn. I was personally living the moments that I was set out to capture for the world. I think the fact that I was living them as I was capturing them for others opened up my heart in a whole new way. Not only did I get to experience the love and joy of watching and capturing my family. I was now getting to experience the love and joy of capturing the families around me. As a mom photographer that’s photographing other moms I just fell in love with capturing life and as many candid moments I could! Yes I guided my clients to pose but what I was drawn to capture was the moments between the posed ones. I’m actually really horrible with posing people… because… well I don’t want you to just smile and look stiff. I want to capture you and your family in your element! I’ve been known to offer all kinds of free sessions in my life. Not that I felt my worth wasn’t there because just having your moments captured is priceless. I did and still sometimes do them because in my heart I want everyone to have moments to love and look back on forever. If we ever have a play date… be sure your going to receive a photo or five. Whether on my expensive camera or just from my phone. Even from my phone the photos I text you will be edited and print worthy! Well fast forward to after having my 3rd little… I’ve actually stepped back from being behind my lens for others as much. I still do it… and I will always offer sessions. I’ll never stop being a photographer. They are only little for so long so I want to spend this time more living my mom life with my Little’s. They are still precious and unique but the post edit of photos is very time consuming. So I won’t be seeking it as a full time gig anytime soon. I’ll still being doing it part time so that I can dedicate the majority of my time to my family and making memories I want to look back on. Although I’ve stepped back from photography business in the aspect of taking it on full time I’ve began kinda outsourcing it in another way. On my instagram I’ve been slowly adding in how to take + edit your own photos of your Little’s taken on your phone. You need to capture these moments… whether I’m capturing them for you or you are! I’m actually considering adding in a different type of avenue to my photography business that will only take a small amount of time to prepare but be a financial additive as a side job. I love my side jobs and that pocket change it gives us. But it will also help benefit you with dabbling into taking your own photos of your fam! Really though… no matter what avenue I venture on. I will always be a photographer for my family, for yours and for those families and children around me. I’m 100% self taught on everything I know… behind the lens and in post editing. I will always continue to learn and change up my style. When you love what you do… you will never work a day in your life! Have any questions about becoming a self taught photographer? Or how about being a mom-tog? Leave them below in the comments. Are you a mom tog or family photographer? Share about your journey in the comments. Want to know when I start sharing photo details? Scroll down and subscribe.
Until next time XO! ]]>